Biography & Artist's Comment


Mujtaba Tayabali

“An Artist of the Luminous World”

Light has beguiled man from the very beginning. Be it a star or the flicker of a fire. Light can be slow as the whiteness of a solitary swan, or swift as the dawn. For the colourist, to capture light on any surface or within any texture, by design or accident, remains the ultimate challenge. Light has been minutely observed, analysed, reconstructed and reproduced in countless images, but its very essence is the substance of mystery. It weaves its meticulous way through the ephemeral and eternal world, tempting scientist and prophet alike with the contradictions of truth. Finally everyone at some point is touched by its intimacy and awed by its mystery.

The wish to paint light is to enter the revolving door that gives passage to delight and despair. Light may well be trapped on the surface, but the mystery may have escaped. However, every now and then, the luminous world comes to rest in paint applied, and the artist knows his longings have been achieved.